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We're an innovative marketing platform that connects brands and marketers with actively engaged Micro-Influencers.

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Influencer marketing has been used and trusted by the world's largest brands.

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A Groupd of Many Have More Power Than One

A Group of Many Have More Power Than One

Micro-Influencers reach a better audience. Unlike traditional Influencers, Micro-Influencers have a more modest number of followers who engage more organically because they are genuinely interested in what their friends are up to.

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How Easy is Verifyed?

Create and manage campaigns in three easy steps.

1. Prepare Your Content

Our helpful guides will allow you to build world class influencer campaigns.

2. Target your Influencers

Whether you’re selecting one or a group of influencers, you’ll generate the highest response rates in the industry.

3. Watch the results!

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Why us?

We enable marketers to tap into the largest highly engaged micro influencer market. We connect influencers with the largest global brands.

  • Developed for Brands, Agencies, and Marketers.

  • Easy to use.

  • Control your campaign's ROI.

  • We are an extention of your marketing team.

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Our platform is intuitive, easy to follow, and designed for marketers to use directly. Within the Self-Serve option, you can control every aspect of your campaign.

  • One Active Campaign
  • Self Publishing
  • Tailored for Small Businesses
  • No Monthly Commitment
  • Good fit for those just getting started with Influencer Marketing
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  • Up to 3 Active Campaigns
  • Access Assistance When You Need It
  • More Competitive CPE
  • No Monthly Commitments
  • Great for those who are familiar with Influencer Marketing
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starting at $999/month
  • Unlimited Active Campaigns
  • Add Teams & Permissions
  • Fully Managed Services Available
  • Most Competitive CPE
  • Flexible Monthly Commitments
  • Perfect for large companies and agencies
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